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Hire Me to get an Audit Report of your site

Hiring an SEO expert to grow your SEO results is one of the best places to invest in your business make. SEO will not be a problem if you hire an SEO expert to help you.

I am here to help you. Here are my specializations:

  • Deep technical SEO audits
  • Deep SEO audits
  • Basic SEO audits identifying the biggest issues
  • E-A-T/quality SEO audits
  • SEO consultations
Swapnil Sanghvi - Local SEO Expert and UI/UX Learner

Reasons to hire me...

If you are here on this page, you probably know that I know my coming from the other pages which showcase my expertise. Here is why you might want to hire me for your website:

  • I have 3+ years of SEO experience (in-house, agency, freelance).
  • I did 100+ SEO audits so far.
  • I have experience working with huge as well as medium sized websites.
  • I am a huge SEO freak, and I love SEO.
  • I am good at what I am talking about!

You can learn more about me here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am waiting for your message!

You can reach me at: [email protected]